Experiencing God

Posted on July 14, 2011


I am tired of talking about God. I want to experience God.

When I was young, we would read “Tales of the Kingdom” as part of our after-dinner devotions. These allegorical tales followed two boys leaving the land of The Enchanter and entering the forest realm of the King. (I know I’m not remember this perfectly, but it doesn’t matter for my point.)

However, the King only appears once in awhile, most easily to children who delight in a game called “find the King.” In spite of this inconsistency, the characters must move forward, make decisions, and fight battles.

This blog will document my own attempts to play “find the King,” as I live my life. Like the children of the book, I suspect the King will show up in unusual place, behind atypical faces, and rarely stoic; passionately angry, deeply sad, or wickedly funny.

This will be a catch-and-release endeavor. When I have a moment of illumination I will not grab onto it out of fear. I may, like Jacob, demand to be blessed, but I will let God swim away because I know that the only way I’ll catch him is if he wants to be caught. Then I will again, cast my line into the water.

I pledge to be honest.

I promise to invite other voices to speak.

I will follow the hints and urgings within me.

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