Spiritual Trial-and-Error

Posted on August 5, 2011


The above video is not about God, but it articulates a posture of humility in the face of a complex world, that is often lacking from Christian discourse. The main point of the talk being that humans convince themselves (and try to convince others) that they hold the one right solution to a problem (which is why we should vote for them, listen to them, or pay them to fix our bodies), when the truth is that solving problems more often comes by trial-and-error than by a solution worked out, in advance, by an authority figure.

One of the goals of this blog to experiment with a kind of spiritual trial-and-error, to use any means necessary, even unorthodox, uncomfortable, or incorrect means to search for God. I know I will make mistakes, but hopefully I will, as Tim Harford quotes at the end of his talk, “make mistakes in the right direction.”

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