Rise Above: An Open Letter to Christians

Posted on October 13, 2011


Dear Christians,

During this time, when our public officials are constantly running for office, do not ask, “Should Christians be involved in politics?” or “How should I cast my vote so that our elected officials can solve our problems?” These are the question of a the lazy person who believes that the solution is outside themselves. Rise above politics and ask of our politicians, “Are you interested in helping me make the world a better place, for it is I who have the power.” Let the politicians measure their stride against your own, and find themselves running to keep up.

Rise above corporations. Rise above blame. The writer Paulo Coelho wrote once, “Seek solutions, not answers.” Corporations will not give you answers because corporations are not things, they are shields and dreams and blankets and disguises. They are jargon and sale-pitches and should not be trusted. They want to suckle at your wallets and chew on your soul. They may give, but they give only so they can take. There are good companies, but companies are not corporations. Companies make a product. Corporations make a profit. Rise above them.

Rise above division. Rise above the noise of people telling you what you are supposed to care about. Rise above religion, above gender, above war. You have within you a power greater than the rattle of sensationalism, the clang of fear, the bombastic demonization of the “other.” Like a sword on velvet, ready to for battle, is the power of love within you.

Rise above the hate. Rise above the desire to submit. Rise above the apathy that tells you that you are only one person and that you cannot change the world. Draw out your sword and slash and hack at your fears, your doubts, and all the voices in your head telling you are not smart enough; that someone else will do it; that regardless of how hard you try there will always be pain and suffering and corruption. Rise above.

Rise to the realm of love.

For those who wield the sword of politics or who carry the cudgel of force, the sword of love can seem like a feather, a wisp, something so insignificant as to be dismissed. But love can melt through skepticism. Love can bind one heart to another. Love can cut and love can cleave. Love doesn’t heed time or space. Because love is everywhere people think it is cheap or weak, but love is the blood of the world, flowing and pulsing and giving life.

I am tired of Christians acting from a place of fear, or anger, or apathy. I am tired of feeling that the best I can do is make snarky comments. I will rise above even the limits that I have placed on myself. I will rise above my doubt, and if I don’t land in certainty that’s fine, because as long as I am bushwhacking my way through the jungle of life with the sword of love, I don’t need (or want) certainty.

What I what is adventure. Love is the only way to what I want.

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