Proving Gravity

Posted on November 1, 2011


In ancient days, there were two wise men who lived in the same country, but many miles apart. They both worked diligently to spread the word about the truth of gravity.

After many years, when both were old men, the decided to meet one another. They met half way between their homes at a small town. They immediately enjoyed each others company, in spite of their differences. For while they agreed about the truth of gravity, they disagreed about its cause, its purpose, and how it influenced people. But most strongly, they disagreed about how to convince their students that gravity was real.

The first man removed a book from his bag. This was his masterwork, written many years ago. It chronicled all the ways in which gravity had been influential throughout history. It quoted imminent scientists and philosophers. It had detail illustrations by famous artists. It was indexed and cross referenced. It was beautifully bound. It was in its 5th edition and every edition was an improvement upon the last. The fact that it had been in print for so many years stood as a testament to its popularity and value. He flipped page after gilded page, proving again and again the theory that he was putting forth. He became more and more animated, until he realized the second wise man had stopped paying much attention.

“Haven’t you heard what I am saying? I’m trying to give you my wisdom; wisdom that it has taken me a lifetime to master. You’re not even pretending to pay attention! You’re watching the birds.”

The second man smiled, “Thank you for sharing part of yourself with me. It is a gift I will always cherish. And your ideas are very interesting.”

The first man, still frustrated, demanded to know how his ideas were different. For the second man carried no book or bag with him. Again, he smiled. Then he leaned down and picked up three rocks from the ground.

He dropped one.

Than the other.

Than the last.

Then he said to the first man, “Now, let’s put away your book and we can begin to talk about what is really important.”

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