Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Being Reformed

Posted on March 15, 2012


One of the things that I like about the Reformed Christianity is that it is often rather centrist. It rarely leans too heavily toward any particular political or personal ideology because 1. It has a recurring emphasis on the meta-narrative of the Bible (scripture interpreting scripture and all that jazz) and 2. It is often reactionary, and while this can be frustrating when trying to do something new, it can be a benefit because the default position is often one that defends the minority voice. (Or should when the principles of Reformed Theology are made manifest.)

With an emphasis on rigorous scholarship and a Presbyterian style of government, you have a branch of Christianity that changes slowly, but is measured, biblical, and balanced. And most days I really appreciate these aspects, especially when I consider the more extreme alternatives.

But sometimes I want to throw that all out the window.

I want to ignore both sides of an issue and instead follow my heart.

I want to not give a hoot what the passage meant to the original readers and read it like I would read Where the Sidewalk Ends.

I want to punch bigoted Christians in the neck instead of “loving everyone.”

I want to not care what you…

pastor, teacher, preacher, missionary, man, woman, white, black, gay, straight, child, oldie, cat, dog, or cartoon…

think about Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit, love, salvation, the Bible, other people, anything, anything, anything at all.

I want to put down the Bible and drink a beer.

I want to quit church and invite people over for pizza every Sunday.


Tomorrow I’ll be Reformed again, but today I’m forgetting it all.


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