Can the Good News Speak to Everyone?

Posted on May 2, 2012


Can the Good News of Jesus Christ speak to all people, places, and times? There are three possible answers to this.

ANSWER #1: No.

ANSWER #2: Yes.

It can because all people suffer from the same problem and Jesus is the answer. This is what people mean when they use phrases like “a God shaped hole in all of us.” The formula breaks down like this:

[All people share a single problem = SIN] + [(historically verifiable) Jesus] = Salvation

While this view is popular, I find it also a little anemic.

ANSWER #3: Yes

It can because the Good News is living and active, adaptable, powerful, personal, flexible and able to speak into any situation. It may take hard work, but it will happen. The formula for this is:

[People/Society/Economics/Etc. have different problems = SIN] + [(mysterious, living, funny,active) Jesus] = Healing and movement toward the heart of God.


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