Nothing Special, Simply Amazing

Posted on February 8, 2013


I’m tired of listening to NPR. On my morning commute I only ever catch the news, which follows this formula:

(terrible event) + (responses of jaded politicians) + (“it’s not that simple” + complicating factor) = there is absolutely nothing that you, the listener can do to help this situation

I don’t get any of the later day, well-rounded perspective of Diane Rehm or the in-depth interviews of Fresh Air. But this morning, on my commute, I happened to catch a StoryCorps featured story. It was a simple story. The description is nothing special.

“Bonnie Brown came to StoryCorps with her teenage daughter, Myra. Bonnie is intellectually disabled with a low IQ. For the past 18 years she’s worked at the same Wendy’s. Here, her daughter asks her about being a mom”

But the conversation was amazing. Listen to the 2:28 second interview here.

Both Steve Inskeep and I were a little choked up when it ended. The world is not a dark place. People are not filled with evil. There is a light shining and it is in the hearts of Bonnie and Myra.

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