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I am the best of me. I am the worst of me. I am not me.

March 26, 2013


I am the best of me. I am the worst of me. I am not me. Some days, everything falls into place and I cannot be stopped. I am creative, brimming with potential, full of good cheer. I am original. I control myself to meet my goals. No sooner do I dream than I accomplish. […]

Don’t Pay for a Disembodied Gospel

February 15, 2013


Working for a not-for-profit organization, there is a lot of talk around the office about how “young people” (whatever that means) don’t give money to churches or charities. If they do, it will only be to organizations that provide people with food, water, or mosquito nets. The common refrain is that “people under forty don’t care about […]

Who I’m Voting For, and Why

October 23, 2012


I love democracy in action. It’s messy and frustrating and gets ugly, but it is also transcendent. I know that politicians are self-serving or corporation-serving or servants of some unseen conspiracy. I know they often don’t have the influence which we ascribe them, but they do have influence in ways we don’t always see. There […]